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Samstag, 30. Dezember 2000 00:00

Wirtschaftliche und soziale Folgen der Drogenpolitik

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Encouraging Health Promotion for Drug Users within the
Justice System Conference
Incorporating the
4th European Conference of Drug and HIV/AIDS Services in Prison
(New Date) 22-25 November 2000

Konferenz zu Gesundheitsförderung für Drogenkonsumenten in der
Strafrechtspflege und Straffälligenhilfe
zusammen mit der
4. Europäischen Konferenz zu Drogen- und HIV/AIDS-Hilfe im
(Neues Datum) 22.-25. November 2000

Conférence sür l'encouragernent de la promotion de la santé chez
les toxicomanes à intérieur du système de justice pénale
4ème Conférence européenne sur 1 Services liés à la Toxicomanie
et au Vih/Sida en prison
(Nouvelle Date) 22-25 Novembre 2000

Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C (HCV) is a preventable disease of the liver caused by the Hepatitis C virus. lt is a major public health concern affecting around 170 million people globally with variable disease progression and severity. Many people experience chronic Hepatitis which can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure and hepatocellular carcinoma and Hepatitis C is now the most significant cause of liver Transplantation in the western world. Past and present injecting drug users are most at risk but it also affects many other groups within the population including haemophiliacs, blood transfusions recipients and healthcare workers. The impact of this epidemic should not be underestimated and in light of the numbers of HCV+ people presenting to services, preventing Hepatitis C deserves to be an essential component of all modern Harm Reduction policies in relation to drug use. Having held this major conference in London over the last 5 years, this year's event is being staged in the Netherlands to offer an opportunity to open up the debate to a greater European audience. This conference is a vital event for drug workers and other healthcare professionals, clinicians, prison workers, researchers and health educators to discuss the issues with people responsible for planning policy and granting funding on a national, international and global stage. This conference will aim to:
  • Examine policy, practice, treatment and care issues
  • Examine the epidemic and different responses from across the world
  • Examine the arguments and financial implications of treating the virus
  • Highlight the impact Hepatitis C has on people's lives
  • Review the impact of Hepatitis C in prisons
  • Update on latest research and new treatments options

The programme is designed to provide a wide ranging and multidisciplinary perspective with plenary sessions and a choice of parallel workshops. Harm reduction india 2001
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