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Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2000 00:00

The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation /

...Invites You To:


If you think our drug policies are doing more harm than good

If you think police should stop arresting people for marijuana

If you think there are too many people behind bars on drug charges

If you think the war on drugs is a poor excuse for reinstituting Jim Crow in America

If you think drug testing has gone too far in this country

If you can no longer stand the lies and hypocrisies of the drug war

If you think it's time for a REAL debate in this country about how we deal with drugs


... then COME TO THE



There we will launch a new anti-war movement -- a movement to end the war on drugs and demand that the country's drug policies be based on common sense, science, public health and human rights.

Tuesday, August 1, 2000: Philadelphia
10 AM =96 10 PM
Annenberg Center
University of Pennsylvania
3680 Walnut Street @ 37th Street Tuesday, August 15, 2000:
Los Angeles
10 AM =96 10 PM
Patriotic Hall
1816 S. Figueroa St. Attached to this email please find flyers in PDF format for the two Shadow Conventions. We hope you can post these, and/or email/snail mail them to interested parties. If you have trouble printing them please call 212-548-0611 and we will fax them to you. HOW TO REGISTER:
Go to www.DrugPolicy.Org or If you do not have access to a computer, please call 212-548-0611 (Please Note: this phone number is voice mail only for registration. Any questions or comments can be included on the online registration form.


Drug policy reform is rapidly emerging as a new movement for political and social justice in the United States. The Shadow Conventions will be the most significant gatherings to date of citizens calling for an end to the war on drugs. Prominent speakers include New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the first U.S. governor to call for marijuana legalization and other major drug policy reforms; Reverend Jesse Jackson, who will address the racially disproportionate impact of current drug policies; and California Congressman Tom Campbell, the first major party politician to run for statewide office on a platform that includes significant drug policy reform.

The three principal themes at the Philadelphia convention on August 1 will be:
  1. The impact of the war on drugs on American families;
  2. The economic costs and consequences of current drug policies; and
  3. The evisceration of American civil rights and liberties by the war on drugs.

The Shadow Convention gathering in Los Angeles on August 15 will focus on:
  1. Protecting our youth from both drug abuse and the war on drugs;
  2. The racist origins, conduct and consequences of the drug war; and
  3. The public health implications of U.S. drug policies.
The Shadow Conventions will include hundreds of citizens who currently have family members incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. Some will speak publicly, as will others who have lost family members to AIDS, or seen their families torn apart by policies that criminalize drug use during pregnancy.
A choir of young people whose parents are incarcerated will perform. Former military officers will dissent, clergy will preach, and leading drug policy reformers will assess current drug war strategies and propose pragmatic alternatives. They will be joined by a variety of musicians, comedians and other entertainers.
Our message is simple and straightforward: The war on drugs is doing more harm than good. Our current drug policies are driven largely by ignorance, fear, prejudice and profit. Our political leadership seems able and willing to tolerate extraordinary levels of hypocrisy in its policies and statements regarding drugs and drug users.


The Shadow Conventions present drug policy reformers with a unique opportunity to educate our fellow citizens regarding the costs and consequences of the government's "war on drugs." It is not just the brief moments when our message will engage the national media, but also the changing perceptions among media, politicians and others as we successfully organize our efforts and combine with others seeking to reform backward and entrenched public policies.

As we work on putting together these two conventions, we can feel the momentum building behind our efforts. Let's make the most of this opportunity.

You can help make these Shadow Conventions a success in several ways. First, plan to attend or volunteer if at all possible. You can register FREE by visiting on the Internet or by calling 212-548-0611 (Please Note: this phone number is voice mail only for registration. Any questions or comments can be included on the online registration form. Please do not respond to this email.) At the same time, your generous financial support will enable us to reach even more people and help ensure that we reach the widest possible audience. Your special contribution of $25, $50 or $100, will help TLC- DPF advance the cause of drug policy reform during this critical election year. Contributions can be accepted at the Website listed above or sent to:
Attn: Shadow Conventions
The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation
925 Ninth Avenue,
New York, NY 10019.

Thank you, and see you there!!
Ethan Nadelmann
Executive Director
The Lindesmith Center = Drug Policy Foundation /

The Lindesmith Center, created in 1994, is the leading independent drug policy institute in the United States. The Drug Policy Foundation, created in 1987, has been the principal membership-based organization advocating for drug policy reform. The two organizations merged on July 1, 2000. We plan to launch, under a new name, later this year, with the objective of building a national drug policy reform movement.


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